This year I will be celebrating my 9 years since giving my life to Jesus. Nine. years. I'm not quite sure where the time has gone, but I can tell you that it has gone by very quickly. I used to look at people that were saved for a decade and longer and wonder what it would be like to have known Jesus and all His goodness for that long. Now that I'm almost there, there is so much I wish I had known earlier. Towards the end of last year, I was reading a book called Killing Kryptonite by …
The other day, I was so frustrated with Darren. I just needed a little help around the house and all he would say was no. No to helping with the dishes, no to making Ezra a sandwich, no to anything I asked! I understand that he was tired, but it was so frustrating, I just needed a hand and whatever he said no to doing, ultimately fell into my lap. I swallowed my tongue and held back what I really wanted to say and did what had to be done. The next day, I was still irritated by his lack of …
I remember it so well. I was really excited to have been selected to be in the school choir. I must have been in grade 3, and I had always thought I could sing but being selected for the team was the affirmation I had been too afraid to ask anyone for. At practice, we sang “tip toe through the tulips” and “New York, New York”. Even though it was still early days, I felt a deep sense of happiness and belonging in that team. Our teacher told us about a competition that would be happening over the weekend, and encouraged …


I’ve decided that time passes by way too quickly, for me to be spending it feeling and acting sad and melancholic, being too serious and smiling too little. ⁣
I’ve decided to live intentionally and enjoy my life, while pushing hard along the pursuit of my Daddy’s heart. ⁣
The days of worrying about what people will say or think, and not smiling in pictures so that they look extra perfect, and being afraid to be my best self because I’m afraid to shine too bright are officially behind me! ⁣
I’ve been gifted with this life, and it’s going by really quickly, so I will shine as bright as I can for my Jesus, love whole heartedly, live out my purpose fully and just be my best possible self. ⁣
I heard this scripture this week, and it was really sobering. Life passes by so quickly, let’s not waste our time on the meaningless. ⁣
“You do not know about tomorrow. What is your life like? For you are a puff of smoke that appears for a short time and then vanishes.”⁣
‭‭James‬ ‭4:14‬ ‭NET‬‬⁣ (📸 cred: @darrenaugust )
It’s been amazing being able to experience @sisters_of_africa with one of my faves, this year. Gosh, what a blessing it is to be here! There are actually no words: every message, it’s as if it’s been especially curated for us. Thank You Daddy! 🙌🏼
Looking back on this weekend, I feel so humbled to have been able to share the platform with some of the most phenomenal women I’ve met, and to have chose to speak into the lives of the beautiful women that were present that day. Thank you Ps @samantha_retief , for your obedience towards the call of God on your life. I am honestly flawed by your gentle, calm and loving spirit.
I’m so grateful for beautiful connections with beautiful people ❤️ we’re so excited for the latest Skosan to arrive friend, almost there!
We had a great time as a family this weekend. Sometimes it’s difficult to find fun, affordable, child friendly things to do but this weekend we planned well, and it felt like we were winning at this parenting thing 😂😊time is so precious and it moves SO quickly. I’m grateful for the little moments like these, that are actually pretty big - they fill the biggest space in my heart. Thank You Lord for everyday. In every ordinary day, every ordinary moment, Your extra ordinary goodness shines though.

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