Allow me to introduce myself..

Let me start by saying that I am obsessed with blogs. I love the idea of normal, everyday people, sharing their thoughts and experiences with the world – and it really is the world, and becoming a celebrity in their own right.

I enjoy discovering a new fashion blog and going through old posts to see how how this persons life and style has evolved over the months, and in quite a few cases, years.

This blog is my own attempt at having a digital diary of my day to day life, and for us to share advice on just about everything.

So these are the need to know’s thus far:

I am Arlene Pillay.
Fiancee’ to Darren August.
I work at an IT comapany as a systems tester and sometimes I do some admin.
I love God, church, everything stylish and timeless, and my hair 🙂

This is me. In Durban. Hugging a mummy (it was the day before mothers day).

This is is my fiancee’, feeding me to a (fake) snake:

Anyway, I promise that, moving forward, my posts will be alot more interesting 🙂 Have an awesome weekend and be safe on the wet roads!


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