I have this friend, she’s bald, beautiful and loud mouthed. In fact! She is the most beautiful bald headed girl I’ve seen. She’s been there for me through just about everything. From my first car bumping in high school, to being hustling university students, and becoming working class women and most recently, my engagement 🙂

Lesedi is family, and I love her.. and her style! Here are some of her daily outfits:

Shirt, jeans, and knee high boots, all from Woolies.


Scarf; DTJ (Down Town Jozi). Blazer and maxi skirt Mr Price. Bag; David and Jones


Military Jacket and shorts; Woolies. Shirt; Mango. Shoes; gifted.


Shirt; Mango. Jeans; Guess. Shoes; Woolies.

If anyone knows of a good, single man – this lovely lady is available!

Love you Lesedi!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day 🙂

– Arlene

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