How do they that?

When I look at blogs like Mrs Rogero , she (and husband) make it look so easy to pose for outfit posts! After yesterday, I realised that it’s actually quite an art to master these poses..

I was so excited to do an outfit post, until I realised how awkward I am infront of the camera, we did more laughing and sneezing than posing.

I had my friend Ashley take a few pictures for me, but then I turned to Janet, and her photos are the “approved” ones for today. Here they are:


Shirt: vintage. Belt and shoes: Mr Price. Jeans: Sissy boy



So, after having a look at these pictures, I”ve realised a few things about myself:
1. I am not a very good poser.
2. Ashley takes really bad photographs (stick to videography Ash).
3. These, are fast becoming my favorite shoes.
4. I have freakishly long legs.
Thanks for the pics Janet and Ash! 🙂
Thanks for reading!
– Arlene

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