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Recently, I’ve been hooked on beauty blogs, and I thought it was pretty interesting to have girls sharing their experiences with different brands of make up and produts, and sometimes even giving tutorials on how to apply the make up to get a certain look.

I have never been a make up kind of girl, if I had to describe my make up regime, the word would have to be “minimal”. I love spending time on myself with painting my nails and that sort of thing, but I’ve always been very careful with what I put on my face. It’s always been; face cream, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. (And recently lipstick)

But lately I’ve been feeling extra girly, and have been spending more time at the make up sections. I’m not quite brave enough to try out a foundation or base yet, so when I read about this BB cream, I was pretty excited. So, BB stands for blemish balm, and Garnier describes it as a “skin perfecter”. The cream is effortless to apply and my skin looks really good with it on. It looks clear, glowy and almost perfect. It covers the unsightly black heads on my nose (that’s really embarrassing to admit btw!) and it doesn’t feel heavy on my face at all.

I would recommend the BB cream to anyone who has isn’t looking for maximum coverage, or a product you could use day or night 🙂 By no way am I endorsing this product, I am merely sharing my experience with you.

What I do is wash my face with Dove soap, then apply Ponds Vanishing Cream, and then apply the bbm cream.


This was about R80 at Clicks
Aaaand BOOM! Thats how my skin looks after 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my little beauty post 🙂 Do you use a different brand of BB cream? I ‘d love to know!

Thanks for reading
– Arlene

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