Stage Line Make Up

I’ve always had an issue finding the correct colour foundation for my complexion. Even when mixing 2 colours, it just always seemed too dark. 
When I was approached by Heather to try this new line, I was excited to try an new product. Stage line is a line of make up used by professionals, and is produced in, and imported from Spain. 
When I started using this foundation, I had quite a rash on my chin, I was a bit worried that the new foundation may aggravate it a bit, but it didn’t. Within 3 days of using this foundation consistently. the rash was gone! 
Stage line is not just a make up, it promises to keep your skin looking good, even when the make up is off, and that it did. I am really impressed with this product, and would recommended it to any make up fundi.
This foundation is my favourite of all the Stage Line products that I have. It is a long wearing foundation, and looks completely natural on my skin, not to mention that it smells so fresh. All I need is a pea sized pump of the foundation, and it’s enough to brush all over my face, and creates a beautiful glow on my skin.
I’m a sucker for a good liquid liner, and this one is great. It goes and easily, and even though it is water resistant (not water proof), it isn’t a hassle to wash off – easy on, easy off. 
Concealer is another favourite of mine. My previous one was a stick that got a bit dry an hour or 2 into my day and created cracks under my eyes. This stage line concealer is liquid, and slides on, and blends easily. I love it! 
Last on the list (for today 🙂 ) is the Stage Line foundation powder, and it’s just another great product. It matches the foundation so well, and keeps the make up in place for most of the day. 
If you’d like to know more about the Stage Line/Laurendor products, or would like to contact Heather about purchasing, you can check out the website here.
A huge thank you to Heather for trusting me with her products, I honestly do love it! 
Thanks for reading! 
– Arlene 

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