This passed Sunday, Darren and I were asked to speak at a youth camp. I wanted to share what was laid on my heart for that group, with you.

I had been praying, and asked God what He needed this group to hear. One day at work, I was feeling a bit down, and I just felt like listening to this song from the Disney movie, Frozen.

So he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
but this we’re certain of
You can fix this fixer-upper
Up with a little bit of love

I listened to it on YouTube, and carried on with my day. For the next week I had this silly song stuck in my head! It just refused to leave me. I found myself singing “so she’s a bit of a fixer upper, that’s a minor thing..”. One evening, after I had already fell asleep, I woke up and had felt the Holy Spirit instruct me to speak about being a fixer upper, and how to fix a fixer upper with love. This song hadn’t been in my head, it was in my Spirit.

So, what is a fixer upper?

As a kid, I remember moving into our first big house when I was about 7 or so – it was big, but I’ll tell you it wasn’t grand. My mother didn’t seem certain about this house, but my father was so in love with it. Somehow, he saw potential for this house to be beautiful – and that’s what a fixer upper is. It isn’t perfect; in fact, it’s a bit of a mess. It requires work, it’s requires attention, it requires time and it needs love.

I remember when I gave my life to Jesus. I was a mess. I was a Smirnoff storm, wine drinking, hubbly smoking, partying, broken girl. I was (still are) a fixer upper.


Me, in 2008 (the date stamp is incorrect here). 2 years before I gave my life to Jesus.


Aren’t we all fixer uppers though? Don’t we all need some maintenance?

From experience, I’ve learnt that a house is never really perfectly fixed. Just when you think that everything is fixed, you’ll realised that there’s a pipe that needs to fixed, or a ceiling that needs to be replaced, or a wall that needs to be rebuilt, there’s always work that needs to be done.

I think that we’re all like that as well. Just when God helps us deal with one thing and we think that we’re all fixed up, we realise that there’s an issue that we haven’t dealt with, and we have to face that and pluck it by the root. That doesn’t mean that there’s a million things wrong with you, not at all! That just means that God is really preparing you for the enormity of your calling.God will have to help you deal with your own heart issues – to equip you to this for the Glory of His Name.

So, you’re a bit of a fixer upper, that’s a minor thing. God is the ultimate fixer, and He can make all things new, if only you’d let Him. See the thing about a house is, you need the key to get in to fix it up, God isn’t some thug that will break into your heart to fix you up, and He isn’t a magician that will magically open your heart and fix you up with a magic wand.

Open the door for Him, open your heart to Him and He will do all the work in you. All you need to do is open up to Him, He will never force Himself on you, or into your heart. That’s the beautiful thing about Jesus – He is relationship driven. He wants to get to know you personally, He wants to know your heart and your concerns, but only if you want Him to. You have to let him in first.

This is me now, in 2015 - still under construction. I am still being fixed up.

This is me now, in 2015 – still under construction. I am still being fixed up.

Matthew 11: 28 – Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

I opened the door, and let Him in. I allowed Him in with his wrecking ball and rubble remover and let Him do all the work – I’m too much of a weakling to be breaking down walls and replacing windows. Since He’s been in charge around here, I look and feel a lot better than I did in 2008. Even though I am still under construction, I know that I am better than I have ever been, and I will be even better tomorrow.

Today, I’d like to encourage you to open that door and let God in. If He is already in, give Him all the control and allow Him to do His work. It may not be easy to give up the control, but with Him doing all the work, your burden will be light.

Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to leave a comment below.



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Fantastic article Arlene! Sharing your life experience definitely inspires others. I am sure the young people you spoke to at the Youth camp were inspired and motivated to give God the opportunity to move into their house and start the restoration and renovation process! Well written. You have a gift Arlene!

WOW!!! Both my daughters were on camp when you ministered, and they have been blessed! Arlene, this thoroughly blessed my heart…Thank you for being a vessel through which God can operate…I am a Fixer Upper that need to let go and let God!!! Bless you!!!

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