Denim on Denim

Thank you so much to every person that has read and taken the time out to comment on my marriage series posts, I am so grateful.


Shirt: Cotton On. Skirt and Bag: Fablane Online. Shoes: Fashion Express. Sun Glasses: Mr P.

I am sad to say that the series is almost over, but I really have had a great time sharing my heart with you all on this subject that is so dear to me.

I’ve missed doing my outfit posts though, so here’s one as we take a break from the deep stuff 🙂


I got this bag and denim skirt from Michelle on Instagram, the name of her account is Fablane Online, and she runs her online store from there, go and have a look at her account!

I am also really impressed with this denim shirt from Cotton On – I bought at their sale and it is the perfect fit. Shirts are usually a bit of an issue for me: if it fits well in the shoulders and tummy, its tight on the bust. If it’s right on the bust, its loose on the tummy and shoulders, ai the struggle was real! This one is really the perfect fit,



I also just wanted to mention my amazing husband, he is honestly the best supporter and he is so willing to play camera man for me, even when it’s at the most inconvenient time – Thank you Angel, I appreciate you so much.


Thanks for coming by! You are welcome to leave your comments below.


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