Everyday face: BB cream

Many of the ladies that I’ve done makeup on have one thing in common – they say that they don’t have the time to do their own faces in the morning – but the truth is, that it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

Here’s what I use, and what I do for my everyday face. it takes about 10 minutes.


From top: Essence brow pencils in black and brown. Wetnwild lipstick. LA girl pro concealer. IQ BB cream in medium. Maybelinne baby skin pore easer. Maybelinne Lash Sensational Mascara. Stila baked eyeshadow in gold. Maybelinne Dream Bouncy Cream Blush.

So, once I’ve toned and moisturised my skin, I use the Babyskin to minimize my pores. It gives my skin a smooth and flawless finish. I love that this is an affordable, quality primer, I picked my one up at Dischem for about R80.


No make up and very tired eyes.


Then I used my orange colour correcting concealer to hide the veins on my temples, they’re quite visible, and use a bit under my eyes on days like this when I haven’t had a good amount of sleep. I love this concealer because it’s so easy to apply and blends so easily. If you have a darker skin and are looking a little grey with your foundation on, a colour corrector could help with that (assuming that you’re using the correct colour foundation). Also affordable, these concealers are available at Dischem for R45.









Then I fill in my brows using the Essence brow pencil – this is another affordable product, I got mine at Clicks for R29.99


Once that’s done, I apply the BB cream. I used this one from IQ for the first time this morning, and I, really impressed with it. In my opinion, it is a little pricey for a BB cream, but it has some great ingredients it is, so it’s treating your skin while helping you look great. This one. R169.99 (I think), at Clicks.










I do some (very) basic contouring when I’m not rushing in the mornings. Using this Stila eye shadow, I use the middle colour (the darkest one) to create the shadows on – starting from top my ear, bringing half way down my check towards the corner of my lips, the shadow is really subtle, nothing too hectic because this is a basic, day look.










After that, I highlight: pushing out what I’d like to draw attention to. I usually just highlight on the top of my cheekbones and my cupids bow (the middle of the top lip) to push it out a bit. I use the same Stila Baked eye shadow, using the lightest shade for highlighting.

Once the highlight is done, I apply the cream blush. The creamier blushers used to intimidate me, but after using this one, I find them a bit easier to work with. If you apply too much, you can just rub it in until it looks right, if you apply too little, you just carry on building it up.

Stila’s makeup is quite pricey! But I really loved this eye shadow and knew that I could use is as a highlighter as well. I got this one at Clicks in East Gate for R300, and Maybelinne Dream Boouncy Blush as about R70 (not 100% sure about that price).

We’re almost done! All we need to add now is the mascara and the lipstick.










This is probably one of the best mascara’s that I’ve used. Its easy to apply and you can see a major difference to you lashes by the first application. This lipstick from Wet n Wild is one of my favourites as well. It isn’t easy finding a suitable nude for my skin tone, because all of the popular ones that we see in the media and on YouTube tend to me look a little hungry and ashy lol! Also, this matte isn’t dry, its creamy and moisturising, and wears for quite some time.


And that’s my finished face! I promise you, 10 minutes flat and i’m out the house. What are you go to products for your everyday face? Lets chat in the comments below. I love hearing for you!

Thanks for coming by!


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