Simple 3 step skin regime & GIVEAWAY

Since I’ve been doing makeup, I’ve noticed that a lot of ladies don’t have a proper skin care regime.

I’ve always been into beauty products and reading up on what and how I should be looking after myself, and my skin is a pretty big part of that. I’ve always done my best to look after my skin as best I can.

About a year and a half ago, I noticed that I was getting dark circles under my eyes, and that my skin wasn’t looking great – my normal routine wasn’t working the way it  used to.

I had a look around for a few good products, and a lot of my friends spoke highly of Eucerin. I decided to give the even brighter range a try because of the pigmentation under my eyes, and because the price of the product suited my budget! It worked really well for me. Within a few weeks, the pigmentation was pretty much gone and my skin was glowing! (For reals, though)

A lot of people compliment me on how great my foundation looks, and even though I use a great foundation, the condition of my skin plays a big part in how good my foundation looks.

I always recommend a 3 step morning, and evening regime to my friends and clients, so today, I get to share that with you!

Skin type: Firstly, you need to determine your skin type. Sometimes a product doesn’t work for you because it isn’t designed for your skin type – if you have trouble figuring out your skin type, speak to the ladies at the pharmacy, and tell them about your skin, they should be able to help you, or you could go to a dermatologist.

I have normal to combination skin – I get a bit oily around my nose area when its hot outside, other that that, my skin is pretty normal.

Once you’ve figured out your skin type, and the product range that would work best for you, you can do the 3 steps, twice a day – morning and evening.


You skin needs to be cleansed (washed). Sometimes we take off our makeup with a wipe, but it doesn’t always take off all our makeup – your face needs to be washed. if you aren’t someone that wears makeup, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to wash your face. There is dirt and pollution in the air that sits on your skin and can cause damage. I wash my face with dove soap (the normal white bar), and follow up with the Eucerin Dermato Refreshing Cleanser


2. Tone:

Once your skin is cleansed, you can tone. What the toner basically does is balance the PH of your skin, open your pores and prepare if for the moisturiser. I use a cotton round, put a little bit of the Eucerin Dermato Clarifying Toner on it, and then rub it all over my face.



3. Moisturise:

After that, you’re ready to moisturise. I take a little bit of the even brighter cream, dot it on chin, cheeks and forehead and rub it in. The even brighter cream is really rich and creamy, so there’s no need to pack it on to your skin. If you do, you’ll find that your skin may get really greasy.

I let the product sit on my skin for a few minutes before putting my makeup on, so I usually do my hair or something while it settles into my skin, and then I move onto my makeup.



Please ladies, don’t skimp on doing this in the evenings. We’ve all been that girl that sleeps with her makeup on, but its not good for your skin. Take your makeup off, and put your night cream on – this is actually the best time for the product to work on your skin because you’re not wearing any makeup, or out and about in the sun or polluted air.

So now, if you have a normal to dry skin, or battle with dark pigmentation on your skin – this range is for you. The product promises results in just 4 weeks of consistent use, and what I love most about it is that it has an SPF and Glycyrrhetinic acid in it which helps repair any damage that the sun has caused, and prevent further damage from happening.

Thanks to the Eucerin team, I have an Even Brighter package to give away to you!


You stand a chance of winning a Eucerin Even brighter day and night cream, as well as the spot corrector, all valued at R750.

Here’s how it’s going to work, just 2 simple steps:

  • Share this post on your facebook profile, and use the hashtag #ArleneAugustEucerin (don’t forget the hashtag!)
  • Subscribe to my blog by filling in your details at the bottom of the page and clicking the subscribe button.

And just like that, you’re in line to win!

I’ll be announcing the winner in 2 weeks, so keep an eye out on my social media for that.

Thank you for stopping by.










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Thanks for the post Arlene… I just recently started using the Eucerin products and must say I love what its already doing to my skin! 🙂

Thank you for the post on the Eucerin products , I love wearing makeup and have found that my skin has changed a bit over the past few weeks . This blog post is really informative and I might just give the Eucerin products a try 🙂

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