Hello Little Lemon

So, if you aren’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, you’re honestly missing out! And that means that you’ve probably missed the big news – Darren and I are pregnant!

We’re 14 weeks along now, and it feels a bit strange for me to know that there’s a person growing inside of me, our person, but it is the most incredible feeling to know that we’re becoming (more of) a family now.


What we didn’t share on our pregnancy reveal video is that we were fortunate to have found out that we’re expecting when we were just 4 weeks pregnant – which is pretty early. I had the craziest PMS and I just couldn’t get a hold of myself, and I can usually control the moods when it comes to that, but this time I knew that something wasn’t quite the same.


I asked Darren to get a test for us, and even before anything appeared, I heard the still small voice say “it’s going to be different this time”, and the I saw the 2 red lines. I wanted to leap with joy, but I couldn’t do it alone. I went straight to Darren and we both cried with joy – we weren’t expecting this, but God has chosen this time for us, this is the perfect time for us to become 3.

img_7132As soon I wrapped my head around the fact that we are pregnant, I made a “pregnancy vision”board. It may sound silly to some, but I remember Nastassja saying that she had put one together with her pregnancies, and that really stuck with me. God has been really good to me, I’ve had very little morning sickness, and the moodiness has been under control so far.

Fatigue, however, was one thing that I didn’t anticipate, and that hit me pretty hard the first few weeks, but I’m starting to feel like myself again, thank God – because falling asleep uncontrollably at random times of the day is just too strange to me!

img_7152It’s always strange how people must share their pregnancy experiences with you as soon as they find out that you’re pregnant, what’s sad though, is that most of what they share is negative! But there’s so much good that comes with it.

What I love most about myself since I’ve fallen pregnant is, the rapid rate that my hair is growing at. Wow its like, super natural. And the scan – seeing our babies feet and head, and legs, its unbelievable. How can you not believe that there’s a God after experiencing something like that?! I am so blessed and honoured to be housing this little life inside of me. Being present in the moment to experience this miracle is what’s most important to me right now.



So according to the Baby Centre app, our baby is the size of a lemon. I’ll keep you up to date with pregnancy developments, and the growth of our little lemon. In the mean time, any advice for a first time mom? What do you wish you had know while you were pregnant? Please, do share!

Thank you so much for coming by!


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This post is the most adorable. Im very happy for you 🙂
I pray God blesses you and your family and keeps you healthy and safe throughout this magical journey

Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy.. I am also a first time mom and it has been amazing. Can’t believe that she is ours ,she brings us so much Joy. Wishing you and Darren all of the best on your pregnancy journey. Definitely an experience to treasure forever.

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