29 week pregnancy update

Well, happy new year! I know that it’s a bit late to still be sending seasons greetings, but this is my first post for the year. We have been experiencing major connectivity issues for the passed few months, and now we are completely offline, so being active on my social media platforms has been challenging.



I keep saying this, but I can hardly believe that we are this far along into our pregnancy already. 29 weeks (about 7 months for those who don’t understand the whole week thing) is where we are now, and I’m feeling more movement than ever before. I can sit and just watch my belly move for hours, and sharing the extra big kicks and movements with Darren is extra special.



Pregnancy is an amazing experience, but I never realised the small things that I would need help with, or the little things that would irritate me while pregnant. Since my belly has grown, it seems like I have butter fingers – earrings, pens, books, mascara – all of these things slip through my fingers at the most inconvenient times, and by inconvenient I mean times where Darren isn’t close by to be my slave husband and help me pick up the mascara that is literally next to my foot, because even though I need that mascara right this moment, bending over for is super uncomfortable.

Also, before bed in the evenings, I can pee about 3 times, and I’m not even kidding. Three. Times. And these trips are only a few minutes apart. Imagine coming out of the shower, and then peeing. Then rubbing your entire body with Vaseline – the only thing that prevents itchy and dry pregnant skin BTW, and then having to pee again! Just when you think its over, you roll into bed (yes, roll) and after lots of adjusting and moving, you finally get comfortable, by snuggling your belly into your husbands back, no pregnancy pillow required, you feel the sudden urge to go and tinkle again. Now that’s irritating.


Also, tying a shoe lace and buckling shoes has become increasingly challenging – who knew! But you try tying shoes with a small watermelon on your lap – lol! But I am certainly not complaining about any of my shoes, they all still fit me, and I’ve managed to avoid swelling thus far so I feel very blessed.

Overall I feel like myself, just a little, ok, a lot larger, and also a little more guarded. Is it normal to already be a protective mother hen? I am a firm believer in the power of words, and touch, so I find myself swinging my belly away from prying hands and negative words. Any new parents ever experienced this as well? Please let me know! I’d love to connect.


Dress, sunglasses: Mr P. Shoes: All Star Converse. Watch and earrings: Lovisa (Old). Bag: Gifted from Woolworths. Lipstick: Lady Danger by MAC.

Ok so, the truth about this dress – I actually wore it to church yesterday, with a different pair of shoes and bag, but it’s a repeat offender, 2 days in a row no less. Shameless! Honestly though, this is one of my favourite dresses since I’ve been pregnant, which is surprising considering that this isn’t a stretch material. But it is so comfortable, and I feel pretty in it, so it gets worn almost every week.

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading my TMI post. Please drop me a comment, I love hearing from you!



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