Dear Motherhood

Dear Motherhood,

You have been an unbelievable rollercoaster from the moment I saw those 2 lines on the stick. I had always known that I wanted to be where I am now, I just never knew when I wanted it to happen. I was walking contently through “wifehood”, and before I knew it, I was in your hood.

It’s been 2 short, and long months since I officially became a mother, (if you’re a mom, you’ll understand what I mean) and I’ve learnt so much in this time.

Number one:

There’s a secret mommy club that you unofficially, and involuntarily become apart of, the moment that your baby comes into the world. Mom’s from far and wide will probably contact you, offering valuable, but un-asked-for advice on how to look after your brand new, floppy baby.

It’s the most beautiful thing, how women rally around you, when you need the help that you didn’t know you needed. And it’s not about who knows the most, or who knows best, it’s not a competition!

It’s just a little help, and encouragement club, to get you through the tough times, and help celebrate the victories, big and small. God has indeed created us beautifully.

Number two:

I thought that I ate a lot when I was pregnant, boy was I wrong. Breastfeeding has me eating like a beast! And it has me drinking tea and water by the litre. As soon as Ezra starts feeding, my mouth becomes like a desert. I’ve learnt to always have a bottle of water near by – the thirst strikes unexpectedly, and it strikes fast!

Number three:

Fathers are under estimated – probably because so many of them are absent. The truth is, that we can do this on our own (probably with great difficulty and challenges) but every child needs to have a father.

These men play a vital part in shaping and moulding us as children, and ultimately as people. Thank God for God the Father that fills every bit of that space for those of us who are fatherless.

Number four:

I’ve learnt that I could do things that I never thought I could do. Such as surviving (and thriving) on 5 – 6 hours of sleep, and being able to be a fully functional human being.

Number five:

Motherhood, you have given me a new appreciation of my own mother. My heart longs to share the precious moments that we’re experiencing through Ezra, with her.

To hear how I was as a baby in the belly, and out, is what I am missing during this time. But even this longing, cannot steal from me – Motherhood, you have given me an unspeakable joy. You have filled an empty space that I never knew I had, and added to us as a family.

Motherhood, I honestly love you.

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what a powerful, profound testimony from a mothers heard. Proves that she is loving, blessed, and appreciative. This report proves what good qualities you learned as a young daughter, although your beloved mother was not with you for a long time!

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