Haakaa South Africa 100% silicone breast pump

So, if you follow me on social media, more specifically, my Insta stories, you would know that I’ve chosen to exclusively breastfeed Ezra.

I prayed for breastmilk, and I got it! I was a bit concerned because I remember my mom saying that her milk never came in, but thank God for answering our prayers, my milk came in a few hours after Ezra was born!

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that, as much as I’d like to be, I can’t always be with Ezra to give the breast to him. Work commitments, runs to the shops for groceries are a reality for me, but I was, and still are┬ádetermined to make sure that he has the breastmilk, even when the breast isn’t around!

I was using a traditional manual pump pretty much from the time Ezra was born. My milk was coming in fast, and we were feeding Ezra “on demand”. He would sleep for hours at a time, which was great! But not so much for my breasts that were packing the milk.

I would sit and pump, for relief, but also to freeze and store my milk for when I’m not around. Using a manual pump is highly effective, but so, so tedious. I would have to intentionally set time apart in my day to sit down and pump, because you can’t do much else when pumping your breast.

It became more difficult to find the time to manually pump for milk, with having to look after Ezra, cook and tidy up around the house, and still see to some of the admin for our businesses. So when I would have to leave Ezra with someone else to look after him, I would get anxious about him not having enough milk because I didn’t have enough time to pump!

At the baby expo, we came across the Hey Kiwi SA stand, and they had the cutest silicone products for a brand manufactured in New Zealand called Haakaa. What caught my eye though, was their manual, 1 piece silicone breast pump.


I was lucky enough to have them sponsor the pump for me to test and review, and I honestly cannot stop raving about it! Ensuring that my little guy has milk when I’m not around has become so easy.

The great thing about the Haakaa products is that they’re 100% safe for you. and for baby. They’re non toxic, and help preserve the environment.


So, the pump:

The way that it works is, once you’ve washed and sanitised your pump, all you need to do is squeeze the middle of the pump, and secure it on your nipple. It creates a sucking mechanism, similar to that of your baby, and basically pulls the milk out.


When the pump is on your breast, it stays there, making it hands free, and quiet too. You can go about doing what you need to do, with the pump hanging from your boob, as weird as that sounds, lol!

It also has a little suction cup on the bottom. So once you’re done, you can put it on a flat surface, pop the (optional extra) stopper on it, and you can rest assured that your milk will not spill.

Overall, I am super impressed by this pump. Honestly, expressing my milk is 200x easier now and effortless.

Thank you to the Hey Kiwi SA team for collaborating with me on this! Go and check out their site for more amazing non toxic and 100% silicone products, and be sure to like their social media pages to keep up with them for discounts and sales.




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