I’m Arlene.

I am a proud wife, mom, entrepreneur and author. My blog was birthed back in 2012 when I found myself in a place that lacked the creativity and freedom that I craved. When I discovered a friends blog, my eyes opened up to a whole new world and I knew that I had to start my own.

Starting off with the name “All things Arlene”, I would share outfits and silly thoughts on my platform, but a few years later, it took a serious turn when I felt prompted to share my testimony with the readers, ultimately changing the name to arleneaugust.com.

When I realised the impact and influence I had stumbled into, I started taking the blog a lot more seriously and I became intentional about what I was sharing and why I was sharing it. 

Fast forward to today, this blog means a whole lot to me. It’s the thing that helped build my confidence and influence to write my book, Daddy’s Girl. It has also opened multiple doors to speaking engagements and relationships that have added so much to me, and have helped me to grow in ways I could have never imagined possible.

This blog has gently pushed me into my calling, and I am so grateful for it. I am even more grateful for you, the people who take the time out to stop by and read what I have to say, and take it seriously.

This is a space where you can come and read about some of my vulnerabilities, and share some of your own.

What I share here is not done out of habit, to to stay relevant and present, what I share here is what I feel God has laid on my heart, and my personal experiences in growing with and through Him.

I am so grateful to God for this little blog, and I pray that He continues to use it for the glory of His Name.
Thanks for stopping by!

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