Johnson’s top to toe review

It didn’t take me long to realise that Ezra has really sensitive skin. We tried quite a few products on him, before settling for a fragrance free lotion that we were using as a bath soap, and moisturiser.

When Beauty Bulletin selected me as one of the mommies to review the Johnson’s top to toe range, I was a little skeptical at first, but after 2 weeks of using the full range, I am very impressed! Here are my thoughts on the individual products:

Johnson’s aim is to educate parents about the difference between your babies skin, and yours, as well as the importance of keeping your babies skin moisturised to protect it.

Babies skin is 30% thinner than normal skin, and that means that their skin gains and looses moisture much faster than ours. Locking in, and keeping baby skin moisturised is the key to protecting it, and keeping it soft and supple, and kissable!

  1. Top to toe baby wash:

We’ve already gone through quite a bit of this one! During bath time, I squirt a few pumps of this into the water, shake the water to make sure that the product has dissolved, and in Ezra goes!

This stuff is really gentle, and so true to its “no more tears” promise. Ezra’s skin doesn’t feel dry or rough after bath time, and the convenient pump makes it super easy to each his hair.

This bottle is a 500ml, and at the moment is retailing for R59.95. I honestly feel that this is great value for money.

2. Johnson’s top to toe baby massage lotion:

Because Ezra’s skin is so sensitive and dry, I decided to use this lotion as a bath soap. So I would put him into the water, wipe him down with a face cloth, and then massage this lotion into his skin.

It absorbs into his skin really well, and the fragrance is gentle and pleasant.

This bottle is a 500ml as well, and is retailing for R59.95. Also, great value for money considering the amount of product you are getting.

3. Johnson’s top to toe baby massage oil:

This is my favourite product from the entire range. Not only is it Ezra and my favourite time of our bath time routine to massage and bond, but this product promises to lock in double the moisture, and thats just what it does!

After massaging, there is a huge difference in the way that his skin looks and feels. And the massage is great for getting him to wind down for bed time.

At R39.95 for a 300ml bottle, I will definitely be repurchasing this one!

4. Johnson’s top to toe extra moisturising baby cream:

After our massage, I gently rub this into Ezra’s skin. It certainly is extra moisturising, but it isn’t too thick for babies delicate skin. It absorbs quickly and easily, and Ezra’s skin shows no signs of irritability once this has been rubbed into his skin.

This product promises 24hour moisture for babies skin, and I feel that it does just that. Before using this range, Ezra had some dry patches on his arms and face, and he doesn’t have those anymore.

This one is retailing at a super affordable R24.95 for a 100ml bottle, another one that I would definitely invest in again.

I think that it is important to know that every baby is unique, and many of us see different results when using the same product.

Overall, I am really impressed with this range. I give it a 4/5, and would recommend it for your baby too! I really hope that you for this review helpful. Because it seems that Johnson’s really is #johnsonsbestformoisture

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