Nula Baby Products Review

As a first time mom, looking for what you need for your baby may be a little overwhelming. I often felt like I didn’t know what our baby would need. I looked for advice from other mommys, and that helped a lot.

I found it frustrating when I found promising, new baby brands on the market, with little or no reviews on the products. I wanted to hear how other parents experienced these products! So here I am, attempting to be that parent that reviews a relatively new baby brand, for you. I am by no means an expert, but I am a parent now, and I can tell you what has, and has not worked for our little family.

I came across Nula on Facebook. I loved how their travel systems looked, but we were still in the early stage of our pregnancy at that time, and weren’t looking to buy at that very moment. Not too long after that, Darren and I were on a date, and I saw a couple with a Nula stroller! I was drawn to it, because it was a good looking stroller (I’m shallow like that! lol!), and after that, I started researching their prices and options and ended up adding it to my baby vision board.

Today, I’d like to share our experience with the few Nula products that we have, with you.

Nula Go Stroller:

One of my favourite things about the Nula stroller is that stroller and car seat is interchangeable. ie: we can take the bassinet off the top of the stroller, and attach the car seat – which is a great convenience for just about every time we’re out with Ezra.

We’re very rarely out for more than 2 or 3 hours with him, because it is so cold for his little body to be out of the house right now, but when we are, we just need to take the body of the stroller out with us, and the car seat – which we always use when we travel with him anyway. The car seat clips very easily onto the top of the stroller.

The Nula Go has large wheels, making it easy to manoeuvre on a flat smooth surface, or on rough terrain 🙂 because Darren and I enjoy taking walks and having picnics! I love how the stroller looks, too. I was keen on not having a big, bulky traditional stroller that took up too much space in our boot, or looked ugly, so this one was perfect for us.

Nula Car seat and car seat base: 

Before the Nula team sent the car seat base to us to review, we really struggled with securing the seat with just the seat belt. It took sometime to get the seat in, secure it with the belt, and get going. I guess as first time parents, these things can be challenging!

At first I thought that the base was a “nice to have”, but now Darren and I both agree that it’s a must, simply because it makes life so much easier. We are very impressed with both the car seat and the base. Not only does it look great, but the quality is amazing. Ezra fits well into his car seat, and he looks comfortable in it too.

The base makes life super easy. It clicks in quickly (because we’re always rushing out lately), and with the pull of a lever, taking it out is a breeze for any mommy, or daddy!

Nula Baby Pad: 

So, the baby pad is something that you put in the car seat, to help secure your new born. It’s great if you’re the kind of person that will travel a lot with your baby while they’re still small, because newborns are really floppy and can’t really support their necks on their own. It’s also great to put in your bassinet as extra support for your baby. What I like most about it is that it helps keep Ezra warm and sung, as well as secure his head when he’s asleep. Also, the material feels amazing and is soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

Nula Baby Pod: 

This is one of my favourite things from Nula. It’s so easy to carry around the house, because it has a nifty handle along the top, and the quality is luxurious. Ezra loves sleeping in his pod, whether it is on the couch, or on the bed in our room, he never fusses when he’s on it.

I really love that we can put it on the couch, because our couch is leather and can be really cold for him to lay on, even when we lay a blanket down first. So now he can lay on the couch, and we can chat while I cook in the kitchen. Ezra really looks so comfortable on his pod and it offers such great support for his neck; and now that he is starting to turn and wiggle, he’s pretty safe on the pod as well.

The Pod is really good for tummy time, too. Ezra fusses a bit when he’s completely flat on his tummy, but when we have him on the pod, we put his elbows on the head support and it helps him stay in that position for much longer than usual.

Nula Cacoon:

The cocoon is a nifty piece of material that you put over your car  seat to protect your little one from the wind, cold, or sun. I love using it on the days that we go out and its cold or windy. We just put it over the car seat, and it is tight and secure. It doesn’t fall off (like a blanket would) and it helps baby sleep well while you’re on the move.

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It has multiple uses, which makes it such a good investment. The cacoon works as a baby car seat cover, a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover as well as a feeding chair cover. It is also super soft and stretchy, so it would fit any sized car seat!

Over all, both Darren and I are really impressed with all of these products, and the Nula brand as a whole. You get great, personal service when you chat to the team members face to face, or via email or social media! Please go and have a look at their stuff. You won’t be disappointed!

I really hope that you found this review helpful!


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